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Accidents Caused by Binge Drinking

Accidents Caused by Binge DrinkingLitigation involving Binge Drinking Accidents

Alcohol use, and particularly binge drinking, is quite different in today's teenage generation than a decade or more ago. High school students, college students, and other youth are starting to abuse alcohol at a very young age. This leads to serious injuries, such as alcohol poisoning and to serious drunk driving accidents.

Binge Drinking in today's terms: Five or more drinks in a row by men; four or more drinks in a row by women.

In older generations, binge drinking was associated more with adults who had serious chemical dependency problems. However, today's youth are consuming alcohol (beer or hard liquor) in large quantities. High school and junior high students are getting alcohol from parents, older siblings, or friends and are binge drinking at football games or social gatherings. Underage college students are being illegally served or sold alcohol. Due to the way in which underage drinkers are affected by alcohol, underage drinkers are far more likely than others to cause accidents or injury to themselves and others.

When Binge Drinking Leads to Injury or Death...

The law holds that when a minor is served alcohol or an adult is over-served alcohol and subsequently causes injury or death to themselves or another, the individual or establishment can be held liable for civil damages. Arthur F. Licata, P.C. represents clients in Massachusetts, New York, and throughout New England in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Mr. Licata has more than 30 years of experience and is focused on holding negligent parties responsible for their recklessness in binge drinking related accidents.

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Attorney Arthur F. Licata provides clients with attentive representation concerning accidents involving binge drinking or underage drinking. He pursues full accountability against negligent parties responsible for serving alcohol to minors and for over-serving alcohol to adults.

Arthur F. Licata, P.C. welcomes inquiries about liability for accidents caused by binge drinking and other negligence. Free consultations are available in personal injury matters. All cases are handled on a contingent fee basis; you pay no attorneys' fees unless the firm is able to obtain compensation on your behalf. The firm also routinely takes case referrals from other attorneys in the Boston area and throughout the nation.

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